Instructions for testing iPodder 2.0beta1

by Andrew Grumet
Last updated on 26 Jan 2004.

READ THIS. If you'd like to help us test iPodder 2.0beta1, we suggest that you back up your configuration in case you decide to revert back to version 1.1.4. Running 2.0beta1 will make changes to your configuration that will make it incompatible with the earlier version.

  1. Backup.

    Make a backup of your ipodder configuration data. You'll need this if you want to revert to your previous configuration.

    1. Quit iPodder
    2. Create a new directory into which you'll make backup copies.
    3. Locate your configuration directory.
      • Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\iPodder, or "%APPDATA%\iPodder"
      • Macintosh: /Users/username/iPodderData
    4. Copy these files from the configuration directory to the backup directory
      • favorites.txt
      • history.txt
      • iPodder.db (iPodder.db.db on Mac)
      • ipodder.cfg
      • schedule.txt
  2. Download and run.

  3. Reporting bugs. (Updated)

    Here are a couple of steps to help to get us as much information as possible when you report a bug.

    1. Select one of the following methods for reporting the bug:
    2. Near the top of the bug list, click on Submit New
    3. There are four fields that can be filled in: Category, Group, Summary and Detailed Description. Please fill them all in if you can.
      • For Category, select the listing that most appropriately applies to your bug.
      • For Group, select the version of iPodder Lemon you are reporting the bug for. For example, the beta version is v2.0b1.
      • For Summary, try to describe the bug in general terms and be as clear as possible.
      • For Detailed Description, please include following information:
        • A detailed break down of what the bug is that your seeing.
        • If possible, a step by step break down of what you did to find the bug.
        • Please indicate whether its reproducable.
        • What platform version (win, mac or linux) you are using.
        • Copy and paste the log text associated with the bug if possible. Attach a file if you have an account at sourceforge.
        • Your contact information (if you are not a member of sourceforge).

  4. Reverting to iPodder 1.1.4.

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