Welcome to the official documentation project of the iPodder podcast receiver. The official documentation features the iPodderpedia wiki, downloadable user guides in different file formats, and a vibrant user forum community.

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Online Documentation

The Online Documentation, also known as the iPodderpedia wiki is an ever expanding, ever updated and constantly edited assortment of valuable documentation which can be found here.

iPodder Forum

The iPodder Forum features a vibrant user community and is a valuable source of information, support and constructive discussion. All users are invited to join and post in the Forums, to do so please click here.

Get Involved

If you enjoy using iPodder and consider your self a pro user, you may consider helping with the official documentation! Thus giving something back to the iPodder community and adding major points to your good karma.

Ways to involve yourself with the iPodder documentation are:

  • Get a free account with the iPodderpedia wiki and edit the Online Documentation here.
  • Review our published documentation for errata or omissions and report them here.
  • Translate documentation in your language, contact iPodder localization here.
  • Contact us for more information, here.

Errata reports

If you think you have found an error or omission in our published (downloadable) documentation please let us know. Send an e-mail to this address mentioning which document you refer to, and describing where the error is located. Thank you!

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